HALF WILD – the book


HALF WILD is a road trip memoir about the journey home to yourself.
If you’re looking for a catalyst, this book is it. Part existential crisis and part road trip, HALF WILD is a richly told story of discovery through the lens of a woman navigating work and life in her late twenties.
Taking an uncompromising look at her own self-destructive behavior, Whitney lovingly documents her experience of untangling from the throes of anxiety, addiction, and feeling alone in the world. HALF WILD rides shotgun as she traverses questions of autonomy and purpose, and explores her own capacity to build her own beautiful life. Her writing is unflinchingly self-aware and relentlessly practical, with a masterful eye for capturing the lushness of life.
Prepare to be inspired, delighted, and invited to examine the ways you hold yourself back. This book asks you tap into your sense of wonder as you let your view of the world – and your place in it – to be reborn. HALF WILD bears compassionate witness to our powerful capacity for healing, growth, and creativity.


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