writer | content strategist

Whitney writes to discover simplicity in a complex world. 

Her editorial career began with writing feature articles for Water Polo Scoreboard magazine in the early 2000s. She received a degree in Humanities and Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado. Restless as an early career woman, she joined Boulder-based startup Collective Intellect in 2011. When CI was acquired by Oracle, Whitney entered the world of enterprise technology and spent a decade traversing roles in customer success, product management, product marketing, and content strategy. 

For 4 years, she led content marketing for Oracle’s startup accelerator, working closely with startups to tell their stories on a global stage. She continues to support local and global startups with copy, content strategy, and creating magic with their messaging.  

She is currently promoting her first book HALF WILD: A prayer for a generation of roaming malcontents

After a life of travel, she is happily settled (for now) in Asheville, NC.  

Professional Credentials


  • San Ramon Valley class of ’05.
  • BA in Humanities and Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado. 
  • Semester at Universiteit van Amsterdam with concentration in History and Cultural Studies.  


  • Content and copywriting support for SME, startups, and enterprises. 
  • Small business consultant for local nonprofits. 
  • Content marketing strategist for global startup accelerator. 
  • Senior analyst for proprietary SaaS platform performing qualitative/quantitative analysis of unstructured text.  
  • Lead product trainer and documentation specialist for social media management platform. 


  • Lifelong traveler with passion for road trips and taking the scenic route. 
  • Obsessed with developing resilient mental, physical, and emotional health. 
  • Unapologetic carnivore with interest in  local, regenerative food systems.
  • Hiking. Yoga. Golf. 
  • Dedicated to cultivating elegant solutions