writer | content strategist

Whitney writes to discover simplicity in a complex world. 

Her editorial career began with writing feature articles for Water Polo Scoreboard magazine in the early 2000s. She received a degree in Humanities and Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado. Restless as an early career woman, she joined Boulder-based startup Collective Intellect in 2011. When CI was acquired by Oracle, Whitney entered the world of enterprise technology and spent a decade traversing roles in customer success, product management, product marketing, and content strategy. 

For four years, she led content marketing efforts for Oracle’s startup accelerator, working closely with startups to tell their stories on a global stage.  

She is currently promoting her first book HALF WILD: A prayer for a generation of roaming malcontents

After a life of travel, she is happily settled (for now) in Asheville, NC.  

Professional Credentials


  • San Ramon Valley class of ’05.
  • BA in Humanities and Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado. 
  • Semester at Universiteit van Amsterdam with concentration in History and Cultural Studies.  


  • Content and copywriting support for SME, startups, and enterprises. 
  • Small business consultant for local nonprofits. 
  • Content marketing strategist for global startup accelerator. 
  • Senior analyst for proprietary SaaS platform performing qualitative/quantitative analysis of unstructured text.  
  • Lead product trainer and documentation specialist for social media management platform. 


  • Lifelong traveler with passion for road trips and taking the scenic route. 
  • Obsessed with learning about developing resilient mental, physical, and emotional health. 
  • Unapologetic carnivore with interest in  local, regenerative food systems.
  • Hiking. Yoga. Golf. 
  • Dedicated to cultivating elegant solutions.