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a prayer for a generation of roaming malcontents

Part road trip, part existential crisis, HALF WILD is a richly told story of discovery through the lens of a woman navigating work, life, and bad habits in her late twenties.

This book is for the sensitive, curious, empathetic, confused, hungry-for-more wanderers out there. It’s for anyone who feels like they should be happier than they are. If you love a good story and a coming-of-age triumph, this one’s for you. 

A Word From The Author

I wrote this book as a dedication to my former self. I was lost in my own thoughts and delusions, comforting myself in the safety of bad habits and the satisfaction of compulsive desires. I felt unhappy, anxious, and overstimulated. This book chronicles my transformation from feeling disembodied and disempowered and illustrates how I shed layers of doubt and disconnection to find my way home in the world and inside my own body. 

Whitney Durmick
Writer and Consultant

What Readers Are Saying

HALF WILD has 5-stars on Amazon 


Whitney has a talent for storytelling. She can draw you in and let you see her soul. I look forward to her next book.
Sue A.

Amazon Review

I LOVE this book! I read the last half in one day because I could to put it down, and have already bought another copy to give to a friend. Whitney writes with the nuance, wit, and authenticity of that rare bird who is both brilliant and relatable. 

Tara W.

Amazon Review

Whitney’s writing is incredible, amazing, and I can (and have) read it over and over. It’s the authenticity and vulnerability that makes it so good, and relatable even if everyone’s story of life is different. It’s a MUST read.

Lisa B.

Amazon Review

As someone who struggles with anxiety, perfectionism, and the concepts of home and identity, Whitney’s story is painfully familiar. Her prose is lush and evocative, making the resonant moments powerful enough to make you pause re-reading and share clips and phrases with friends and loved ones both.

Clair M.

Amazon Review

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